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This is the official website of the Georgetown Church of Christ  an affiliate of the International Churches of Christ (ICOC)

 Uniquely located on the north easterly tip of South America  is the only English speaking nation on this  continent is Guyana. “Guyana” an Amerindian word meaning land of many waters is where you will find a diverse people of six races spread across the ten administrative and four natural regions of this eighty three thousand square miles of mostly forested area.

 With a population of approximately 720,000 people and a capital city Georgetown is where you will find the disciples of the Georgetown Church of Christ .

Planted in October 1995 by Brian and Vanessa Leander and a faithful group of brothers and sisters , the church has been taking the gospel to the people of this land for almost 20 years. Since then we have served not only the spiritual needs of our people but continue to serve through orphanage reading and feeding programs,elderly home visits ,community development and service and hosting of forums which included or nation’s leaders and other key stake holders

Mission statement
To live to love to serve as a multi ethnic body of believers giving our hearts to our community our region our country all in name of Jesus.

Vision Statement
Too see our body of believers be a microcosm of our nation spread across all four natural regions in self supported churches with the Georgetown Church of Christ as the resource body by 2025.

How we plan to get there

– By the end of 2020 to have our membership at 100.

– At the end of 2025 to have a building of our own with facilities to accommodate our worship needs
– To have trained leadership (Full Time) supported by a trained core group of leaders in 2025

We believe that God will continue to bless the work of the saints and we will continue to see the harvest of souls in our nation which will continue to give glory and honor to his name.

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